Who to Call to Pick Up Roadkill

Nearly every one of us has seen dead animals on the road due to getting hit with vehicles. It does not matter you live in any city, state or town you are going to see a dead critter of some kind somewhere along the road. If you have found roadkill, do not touch it. In a perfect world, another animal would come along and eat that roadkill carcass, and this does happen quite a lot, especially with scavengers such as foxes, raccoons, and opossums. Sadly, however, those predatory creatures often become roadkill themselves in an attempt to get to the original kill.

If the roadkill is in the middle of the road and you can find a safe way to do so, wearing gloves and avoiding direct contact with the animal where possible, you can move it to the side of the road. This will allow for nature to do its thing, sending another scavenger running to finish the job without the fear of the second animal almost becoming roadkill.

If you do not have gloves, or you need to make direct contact with the animal to do this, do not do it. The disease threat is too significant for you to touch the dead animal.

Within the city limits, you will usually find that there is a dedicated department in place to clean up roadkill, and these are the guys you'll need to call if you find some on the street. The sight of a dead animal can be very distressing for young children, and even some adults, so leaving it, there is not advisable. If the animal isn't wild, there's a chance the owner could be tracked with chips and collars, and most animal owners would want to know if one of their furry friends had become roadkill. If the creature is wild, it will be disposed of safely.

In cities that are heavily populated by wildlife, a common service that is commonly requested is deceased wildlife. Either due to traffic incidents, natural causes, or other animal attacks, the cases of dead wildlife continue to occur all throughout the city. Although unfortunate, deceased wildlife must not be left and should be taken care of immediately.

Depending on where the animal is found, different services must be contacted.

If you find deceased wildlife in a public area, NOT on your property, contact your city for dead animal removal services.

Finding a dead animal and ignoring him is inhumane way, you should play your part to make it easy for others to live a healthy, smell, and bacteria-free life. If bacteria get spread due to a dead animal, these can cause life-threatening diseases, be a responsible citizen, and always call dead animal pickup service when you find a dead animal.  

If you find deceased wildlife on your property, call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated We provide deceased wildlife removal professional and effectively. Wildlife cadavers will be sent to the appropriate city service for proper disposal.

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